Prioritize Quiet Prayer Time

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Prayer Pockets
I was in the habit of praying, early in the morning, alone, in a room when no one was around and I’ve slowly gotten out of the habit. This challenge has made me think about praying ANY time I am alone. One such time really jumps out to me - my Mom and Dad are living as snowbirds in FL and they have purchased a little bit bigger home (which they hadn’t closed on yet) - for all the guests they have - well they were starting to stress about selling the smaller home they already had. They were having to clean, pack up the dog and leave at a moments notice almost daily. Every Saturday they had to vacate the house and it was becoming very stressful. I was visiting over Spring Break last week, and they were out running errands, didn’t want to bother me, but asked if I could get the dog out of the house for them, they had a showing in 20 minutes. I didn’t think about doing this until I entered the home, but I prayed- I was alone. I asked God for the person coming to see the house be so passionate about having the home that they would make an offer that day. I just can’t capture the feeling in words, but I just knew God placed his hand on the situation and it felt amazing when my Mom sent me a text - we have a verbal offer! I told her what I did and we both got those happy tears, you know the ones you get when you know, you just know the creator of all things truly loves you and craves time with you. My alone time prayers have increased for many other things, I’m not perfectly following a schedule, but I love pouring my heart out to our Father in heaven and know he is ready to listen at any moment. Appreciate the challenge!
Tammy Hubbard
Apr 13

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Spiritually Renewed
Our rest needs be physically renewing and emotionally restoring to truly create the rhythm that God intended for us. Additionally, does your rest reconnect you relationally? We see this value throughout the New Testament when Jesus is talking to his people about these rhythms of rest, it's almost always done while placing a priority on community. While quiet alone time is important, we see in Scripture that Sabbath and rest were things  done with other people. Reconnecting relationally requires intentionality though. This may sound counterintuitive at first, but it can help to schedule some unscheduled time to simply be with people and then repeat it consistently.  Finally, does your rest renew you spiritually? Maybe it's going for a long walk outside, maybe it's taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon, or maybe it's coming to church and worshiping with others as a way to feel refreshed and renewed. You schedule your rest; you live with that rhythm. Jesus offers us this invitation because it is through him that we find rest. His yoke is easy. His burden is light. Our strength is found in him.  We pray that God would make us more intentional and consistent about living life with these rhythms, because it will connect you more deeply to him and to other people, and ultimately will result in much greater productivity in life.  DISCUSSION/REFLECTION QUESTION: What are some things you can do to renew yourself spiritually this week that you maybe haven't tried before?
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Heavy Burdens
One of the most difficult aspect of developing rhythms of rest and renewal can be the consistency side of it. Most of us can stick to doing something for a week, but the major challenge comes the following week and the weeks after. And yet, the idea of rhythm is that there's a consistency to it, where we receive the benefit of it when we commit ourselves to it on an ongoing basis.  In Matthew 11, Jesus offers us an invitation regarding rest. It's important to remember that people are hearing Jesus teach this as a rabbi, and it's not the type of message they would normally hear from a rabbi. Instead, what we know was a problem back then, because Jesus addressed it several times, is that people would come to religious leaders worn out, tired, exhausted, and these leaders would give them heavier burden. Then we read in Matthew 11:28-30 that Jesus opens this passage by saying, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened.” He begins by ensuring we know that this invitation is not to people who have it all together. His invitation is not just to the people who have the right kind of resume or can show how productive they've been during the week. The only prerequisite that Jesus gives here is that you be tired. He is able to offer this invitation because of God’s deep love for us. We can sometimes struggle to understand that God loves you just as much if you didn’t read this content, watch this video, or say any prayers. He loves you just as much if you didn’t do all the things you like you are supposed to in order to be a good Christian. It probably wouldn't give you the right kind of rhythm and it wouldn't help you begin your day out in a way that's honoring him as intentionally, but it doesn't change how much he loves you. DISCUSSION/REFLECTION QUESTION: Do you have a hard time believing that God’s love for you does not change based on what you do or don’t do? Why do you think this can be difficult to believe?
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A Quiet Place
If there was anyone in history who might possibly be immune from the need to rest, we would probably think it was Jesus. Jesus was fully and completely human during his earthly ministry, and we consistently see in the Gospels that he not only took time to rest, but he prioritized it, even when crowds of people surrounded him with a lot of expectations and needs. Jesus was intentional to teach his disciples to live this way as well. Living with this rhythm of rest and renewal is one of the things that separates us as Christians from the rest of the world. In the Gospel of Mark, we read how Jesus talked about and prioritized rest. There are a number of examples throughout the first chapters where he, even with a lot going on in his ministry, models what it looks like to live life with the rhythm of rest and renewal. During this time of busy momentum and consistently massive crowds following him, we might think that this would a time where Jesus would say to his disciples, “I know you're tired, but I'm only here for a little bit. There's a lot that needs to be accomplished. And there's all kinds of people with all kinds of needs. So, now's the time to dig deep. You got to push harder instead.” But we don’t see him say anything like that to his disciples, and we aren’t told that either. Jesus models for us that rest is important. God designed rest to be built into each of our lives, and he knew it was important for every single one of his children, even Jesus.  DISCUSSION/REFLECTION QUESTION: How does it change your perspective on rest to know that even Jesus prioritized it during his ministry?