I have always been very inconsistent with my quiet time and bible study. I have also been very structured between work and personal. This translated to thinking that my bible study has to be done at home. That meant early in the morning before I went to work or at night at the end of my day. I am an early riser jumping out of bed and with my mind going a hundred miles per hour with work ideas. Not good for quiet time undistracted. At night I am tired from the day. In October I set aside quiet time at work after my initial purge of ideas and critical items. This has given me peace and I have not missed a day since Oct. I have never accomplished this in the past. If I miss a morning I feel incomplete and find time later in the day. I find I truly miss it! My lesson was to stop creating constraint that are not there and having God as a part of all my life. Not just certain sections defined by me.


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  • Jill Warner

    Jill Warner

    This is so helpful. I have a similar struggle. Thank You for sharing. This is actually an issue I am currently trying to work out in my life. Gods always on time!