Three steps to living one at a time

Through biblical daily content, stimulating challenges, and inspiring real stories,  you will be motivated and encouraged to live as Jesus did throughout each day.


Get notified throughout the week whenever new content is posted, each piece containing a video, a supplemental written devotion, and a reflection question. This content is designed to motivate and inspire you as you go through your week to be on the lookout for opportunities that God places in front of you to love people one at a time. 


We consistently read in Scripture that life as a Christian requires actions, not merely words. Weekly challenges posted on the app will challenge you to every day to put what you’ve learned into action and be able to love people one at a time. How many challenges can you complete?


The actions and words of others who are also striving to be disciple makers can encourage and spur us on to continue, even when things are difficult. The Stories section contains narratives of people, just like you, who are impacting others and living out their faith one at a time. We hope to see one of your own posted soon!

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Share engaging stories with video, either loading a video from your 1X experience or recording straight from your device.

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Quickly find content and stories that meet you where you are using the Interests filters.

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