God wants to use you to change the world. He’s called you to be a difference maker and a world changer.

There's a big calling on your life, and we believe the best way to live out your calling is to follow Jesus's example by loving people one at a time.

The Jesus way of doing things

The best way to change the world is to love people one at a time.  Jesus was often surrounded by crowds wherever he went during his ministry. Thousands of people hung on to his every word and sought miracles from him. He was needed, busy, and in demand.

But in the midst of these multitudes of people, Jesus was always able to see beyond the crowds and see the ONE. He didn't just see the person either; he saw the need, hurt, and circumstance of that son or daughter.

As Christians, we are called to live like Jesus did, so we need to be people that see and give value to every single person...one at a time. 

“Making a difference isn’t measured by a viral post or a name on a building... Making a difference isn’t dependent on what’s in your bank account or who’s in your contacts.

Want to make a difference? Focus on the one. That’s it. That’s the secret way of Jesus. One at a time.”

- Kyle Idleman, "One at a Time"

Our vision

To help you live out your calling as a world changer, we created a tool to help you love people one at a time. The 1X app can guide your spiritual growth and help you to love people like Jesus did, in your personal relationships, communities, and workplaces.

Our prayer is, through the content, challenges, and community within the 1X app, you will experience fruitful spiritual growth and be encouraged to keep living a one at a time lifestyle.

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