I started by getting up 15 minutes earlier, before work, to pray. I set my alarm clock, wondering what I could say for a whole 15 min! But soon realized that time was so sweet and not enough time, so I extended it to 30 minutes. Then I decided to add in 20-30 minutes of my Devotionals needing done. There was the SECC FB devotional, my Freedom in Christ workbook homework devotional, my FIC daily devotional book, my FIC phone app of prayers needing said, my ladies group Bible app devotional…. And on it goes. I soon found myself just busting through them to get them all done in the allotted time (Checked off my To Do list in the shortest amount of time!) That is not the heart of God! I had turned my God Time into a list of tasks needing completed! So I’ve asked him to show me what to let go. To just pick one or two and meditate on it slowly and listen to what he is trying to show me today, instead of feeling good about myself that I got all the boxes ticked! I’ve stopped trying to tick through my prayer checklist of “bless him, bless her, do this, do that” - instead just sitting in a posture of waiting and listening. I pray for him to show me the best way to be in his presence, sitting at His feet. Just being with my beloved. I want to be a Mary, not a Martha


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  • Joe Douthitt

    Joe Douthitt

    "Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him . . . " - Psalms 37:7 I am on that same journey.
  • Aimee Kilbourn

    Aimee Kilbourn

    Thank you for this reminder. It has been something I have been struggling with making my sweet time with our lord a routine instead of a time to just sit with him and listen. I pray that he will continue to work in you and reveal Himself to you!