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The Consequences of Sin
The physical and emotional consequences of sin, while not necessarily instantaneous, are very real. We often go back to the very thing that has caused the sin when we realize the problems or struggles that it has caused in our lives; we turn to the very thing that got us into this position to begin with. It is like drinking salt water while trying to quench your thirst. It just doesn’t work. So, we find ourselves feeling more withdrawn, more anxious, angrier, more irritable, more rejected, or lonelier. But where do you turn when you feel these emotions? You can't disregard what God says about sex and sexuality without violating yourself. You can't violate what God says without violating your own body.  You are not able to sin sexually without causing wreckage to the way that God has wired you. It can be confusing, traumatizing, and devastating. But what often hurts most of all is the belief that you are the only one going through this pain and struggle. The enemy wants to sell you that lie and wants to tell you that you're the only one with this experience. Nothing could be farther from the truth though. All of us on some level have experienced sexual brokenness, whether it was something that you did or something that's been done to you. We've all experienced some pain from sexual sin in this world. Nobody is exempt from that. The Church should not be a place where people point fingers and speak self-righteous judgment over people because of their sin. The Church should testify of the difference that Jesus makes, how he gives us grace and healing, and how he redeems that which is broken.