Look for the Intersections

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Sacrificing with Joy
Sometimes, Christians tend to describe what Jesus asks of us as if we're getting the short end of the stick. When someone is talking about the relationship with Jesus and what it means to make Jesus the Lord of your life, it comes across as a type of apology. They emphasize a walk with Christ as being merely about what you're going to have to give up this, how you can't live this way anymore, and what you can't do what you used to do. If we, as followers of Jesus, are to meet people in these intersections of life, may have to change how we discuss what a walk with Christ looks like. In the parable found in Matthew 13:44, the man finds the treasure, then sells everything he owns because he knows this is the best investment he can make. This is an intersection for this man, where he comes across the treasure and he has to make a decision. His friends and family might think he is crazy and irrational for his choice, but he knows what he is getting in return, so he is able to sell everything with joy and certainty of what he will receive. This is the way we are called to live as Christians, not as though choosing to live for Jesus as one filled of heart-wrenching sacrifices and unfair choices that leave you unhappy and feeling cheated.  You are getting the best return on your investment, more than anyone can ever dream or imagine. Do you make this clear when you talk about your faith with others or have you discussed your faith as though it were an undesirable trade-off? Do you have fellow Christ-followers in your life who need to be challenged to view their relationship with Jesus in this way?