I pray to God to start and end my day but often forget to seek him throughout my day unless I’m having a very difficult day. This past Sunday before I heard this message I had a moment where I didn’t know the right thing to do so I stopped I prayed and let God lead me to do his will .. and of course he showed up and guided me as he always does when I take the time to listen ..and then I came to service early to look at the book store where I purchased the very book Sunday’s message was about! God connects with me when I need it when I don’t want it and when I don’t slow down to see it he’s always next to me guiding me and places struggles before me to help me grow. This week I’ve been extremely intensional on accepting his guidance and trying to do the same for everyone I come in contact with. If I can show up for others as God does for me I hope that they can feel his grace and presence through me. That’s what I got out of this challenge anyway ❤️


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