I was having a really rough time at the beginning of the summer because I was home from college and everyone wanted to hang out to catch up. Of course, that wasn’t an issue, I love seeing people especially old friends. But it got to a point where I no longer had time for myself and I hated that. After I started my summer job, I would say no to hanging out more because I was so exhausted. It really was bothering one of my friends because she just thought I didn’t want to hang out with her or that I didn’t want to be her friend anymore. So there was a lot of turmoil going on. I talked to her the other day and told her that sometimes I just have to be alone, that I need the time to recharge and that it’s nothing against her. We had a pretty long talk about everything going on and how to improve our friendship, so I’m really happy with how this challenge worked out. I’m always trying to bring more peace into my life but never do until I’m pushed to.


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