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Is my Best good enough?
Give it my best! I have to admit that knowing my best is harder! I am guessing that it is the guilt of my past. The words in my head that ring out and tell me. “Not good enough!” With a smirk the past says, never good enough. Well finally I know that if what I do I do as his is always good and he is enough. Recently as a retired teacher of 13 years I have returned to the zone. I left loving the job of teaching (33 years )- and I was good at the task. The Pandemic, the needs, the suffering of good teachers leaving in droves- Drove me back! I have never been happier as a teacher. This may only last one year and what I do is very special! But I have had the blessing of seeing two lives change. I have encouraged others, praised them for being still in the hallways greeting and hugging kids. Knowing their names and finding a way to like their unlikeable ways. I still marvel that I have returned, but I knew 13 years ago it was a mission field and today after a rest He has sent me back to do my best! That is what I say to my special kids, just do your best and we can do the rest! That is what I hear in my spirit - “Linda if you can give me your best I will give you the rest!” I did my best for 33 years, he gave me rest! Why? So I can again offer my best! God is good - our future lies in our kids! Protect, provide, and show them your best! Each day I hug and I see how all those lives can be offered my best - I pray to do His Best work for them.
Linda Schweickhardt
Mar 12