My brothers and I made the decision to move our mother out of the home she’d been living in for over 50 years, and in to a senior living facility close to my home due to her memory decline. The level of care we initially chose for her turned out to be less than what she needed. She was angry and scared and I was spending hours each day with her trying to help her settle in. I began to grow resentful, and was questioning our decision to move her. She was placed in a higher level of care, but her memory issues are far worse than we had realized. We now need to move her to the next level of care as she has been diagnosed with Stage 5 Dementia. In addition the personal care, I am responsible for all of her financial and legal needs. I have discovered that she has neglected quite a few important financial matters and it is taking an enormous amount of time and energy to straighten things out. I have had to step away from many of my personal plans in order to fulfill her needs. My husband has been very supportive, but the situation has put a stress on our family. I am struggling to discern what my next step will be. I absolutely feel God’s presence in this journey, but I continue to feel anxious about what I am to do next.


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  • Jane Whobrey

    Jane Whobrey

    Been there done that sending prayers!!! You are not alone
  • Kathleen Exline

    Kathleen Exline

    Sending prayers to you and your mom. I went through this for nearly 5 yrs. You are such a blessing to her
  • Sue Schaefer

    Sue Schaefer

    I went through the same thing, taking on every role of caring for my Mom for 12 years. When her dementia worsened, over the last 2 years, I was scared and questioned everything I did. Dr. Natali's short videos, on YouTube, were extremely helpful. She explains what's going on and what to expect at every stage. Like you, many other areas of my life were spinning out of control during the last two years. That's when I leaned into prayer with everything I had. Mom passed away in March, and I miss her so much. The song "Weary Traveler" was one I sang constantly, for both Mom and me. "It'll all be worth it, so just hold on." Prayers for you and your Mom.