Here it goes, glory be to God another night out in the open of a plaza. My eyelids could hardly stay apart as I gaze through my iPhone just to feed my sleepiness. Minutes later I’m seeing the stars until I felt this tug in my spirit that it woke me up that I also thought the van was shaking. I was startled, thinking I was in danger. In all, i realize it was Jesus waking me up again. “Yes Lord” my spirit is aware of His presence. I open my phone once again to discover this app that I never used. Click, then the first words I see is Psalm 63. A song by Jeremy Riddle that gives me the chills every time I hear it. As I read the passage of David I finally understood now why the Lord speaks to me through this verse. In a parched in dry land, (alone in my van) with no showers or bathrooms, a kitchen, family to go home to. But all in my spirit my soul is saying” God you’re my God and earnestly I seek you. I still thirst for God the living God. #Jesusagirlandhervan #vanlife #vanlifediaries


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  • Jane Whobrey

    Jane Whobrey

    Thanks for sharing sending prayers
  • Kathleen Exline

    Kathleen Exline

    Sending prayers. Remain strong ~ His blessings are on the way