On December 30th, I went for a hike, slipped on a rock, and fell.  I ended up breaking the fibula in my left leg. I’m currently recovering from surgery, but the Great Physician is taking this opportunity to also make some cuts and alterations to my heart. I’ve had some diagnoses of pride, fear, and insecurity that I haven’t enjoyed hearing, but thank goodness they are not terminal.   What I have had the opportunity to learn about myself is that I would much rather be the roof wrecker than the one that needs to be carried to the roof.  Pride keeps you from accepting that you're the crippled friend that others have to bring to Jesus.  But I have humbly accepted prayer, encouragement, warm meals, time, and presence from women at MSM, my women’s group, and our home group. My husband has carried the weight of the extra demands with the help of his man challenge group and his men’s group. I have been able to witness the softness of the heart of Jesus for the Church through the servant heart of my husband in these few weeks of being still. I know God is capable of all things, but I don’t see how any of this happens without His Church.  How does Christ go about His work in our lives without every hand, foot, mouth, eye, ear, and heart that belongs to His beautiful bride showing up for every opportunity He presents for her. I’m so thankful to be a part of the mission of our church even though I have to witness it from a place of brokenness right now.   I thank you, church, for loving me when I’m the roof wrecker OR the crippled friend.  There are so many different ways that you bring me to Jesus.  Sometimes it is straight through the doors of our church with a friendly smile and glad you're here with the intent to make you feel seen.  It so very often is a cut-to-the-heart sermon that convictingly reveals incisions that need to be made.  Other times, it is more intentional with warm meals that warm your heart. But during this time, I get to testify to your investment and how much it matters when the January days are long and dark and you just want to go for a hike, but instead, you have church family who are willing to sit on your couch with you for the opportunity of a different kind of adventure.  Thank you for all of these things!


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  • Jane Whobrey

    Jane Whobrey

    Very well written thank U!! Prayers for you all
  • Janie Dunn

    Janie Dunn

    Beautiful testimony!
  • Joe Douthitt

    Joe Douthitt

    "Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for Him to act. - Psalms 37:7 Some adventures are the result of doing, some the result of being.
  • Susan Humphreys

    Susan Humphreys

    We hope you are healing ❣️ love from the Humphreys family