I have a friend/co-worker who is going through a very hard time with her husband. She was wanting to try marriage counseling but money is tight as they now have 2 kids under two and her husband was fired several months back. So, a few of the ladies I’m in a Bible study with on Thursdays decided to pool our money together to help them pay for marriage counseling sessions. We were able to pay for 3 sessions for them. My friend was in tears thanking us for our kindness and all the prayers said on her and her husband’s behalf. She has since come to church with me once and wants to come back as soon as her schedule allows. Please keep praying for my friend and her husband because I know God is working!


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  • Dena Stewart-Gore

    Dena Stewart-Gore

    I can relate big time right now and I’m wanting to get some marriage counseling for us and I’m having both financial and transportation issues and it’s making me crazy and I don’t like that. We need prayer and ways to get around. It’s not good.
  • Jane Whobrey

    Jane Whobrey

    Love this 🙏🏼for them
  • Kim Wee

    Kim Wee