There are a lot of people around me returning from the war from Ukraine, people who saw things they shouldn't have seen and went through other things that I hope I will never see. These people are trying to start living anew, as if all this did not happen in their lives and do not understand how this can happen in the 21st century? I pray for all these people, and when I go to church, I want to say that all the churches of Russia and Belarus pray that this war will end as soon as possible and we will live in peace again, because we all have relatives in Ukraine, the closest people. I thank God that I have the opportunity to at least listen to people and be their support, to pray for those who have never believed in God and every day tell these people about how God loves them and to see these people in my church every new Sunday.


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  • Joe Douthitt

    Joe Douthitt

    God's light and love are shinning into the darkness through you!
  • Janie Dunn

    Janie Dunn

    Humbling yourself and showing God’s grace with your open ears & arms is a beautiful blessing. Continued prayers for you and your fellow countrymen.
  • Jane Whobrey

    Jane Whobrey

    Prayers sent for everyone