My husband and I decided to read this together. Something that struck us was how these Biblical roles play to each genders natural strengths and against their biggest temptations. By women being called to submit, God is using women’s innate ability for relationship and against the temptation to manipulate (i.e. Eve). And by having men lead the family, God is using men’s natural desire for action and against the temptation to be passive or “check out” (i.e. Adam). It is amazing but not surprising how well God knows us since He is the One who designed us and designed marriage to reflect the beautiful, respectful, and loving relationship between Christ and the Church!


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  • Morgan Logsdon

    Morgan Logsdon

  • Janie Dunn

    Janie Dunn

    A wonderful perspective on our God given strengths and weaknesses. Praying to be wiser against temptations of manipulating and complacency.