I’m the executive director for nonprofit and central Indiana. This past week we did an outreach event providing Easter meals & baskets to individuals and families in our community. My small group leader through Southeast provided me a box of copies of Grace from the Cross to add to our meal baskets. On Monday, I had a group of nine volunteers from a tool manufacturing company volunteer for the the distribution portion of our event. While we added the books to the meal baskets, it spurred a conversation about faith, Jesus, and our own personal journey. I hate to admit that I have never personally shared my faith with a stranger, let alone a group of strangers, let alone a group of random volunteers serving at my organization! Boy was Jesus moving that day! As we filled the baskets the silence began to fill with conversation about my own struggles- to their own struggles- their own faith journey… laughter and hugs were shared among new friends. At the end of their shift, several of the volunteers asked if they could have copies of the book— of course I said yes! My heart was overjoyed knowing that not only would strangers receive these books— that a physical need be met with a meal— but a real conversation about faith happened in an intimate setting, one at a time, as we worked together to serve others. It was such a full circle Kingdom moment for me ♥️ I’m so grateful that a box of books led to so many moments that sparked conversation and opportunity to share my faith, and for others to do the same!


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  • Jane Whobrey

    Jane Whobrey

  • Dena Stewart-Gore

    Dena Stewart-Gore

    That’s great to hear! Keep me in prayer for the next opportunity I have to do anything like that and pray for healing for me. I’m dealing with polycystic kidney disease and ESRD stage 5 (End Stage Renal Disease) I going to get stem cell treatment for it and then I’m going to get going on both missions and ministry as well as some other things I need to do.