I am a member of SECC online. After watching the service about the $20 envelopes, I went to the store and got $20 cash back and set it in my wallet, asking God to show me what to do with it. I saw a guy playing guitar by the store with a basket for money. I thought maybe that was what God wanted. But I felt him say Not Yet. One if my Hospice patients daughter asked if I could take her place at a community fundraiser at the Presbyterian church for the burned down community center. Mom just got COVID and she felt obligated to quarantine herself as well so couldn’t go. Normally my husband and I tend to isolate ourselves at our home in the woods, always turning things down. But I felt Gods urging “this is the one”. So I said Yes and I gave her the $20 plus the other $10 I had set aside (before I was able to go get the $20). We would take her place at the table. So tomorrow I am attending a community gathering and will be mingling with people from up and down the River. Out of my comfort zone but God is calling me there. Lord, open my eyes so I can SEE why I am meant to be there!


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  • Debbie Ridgley

    Debbie Ridgley

    I opened my eyes to watch for WHY I was there and how God might use me to benefit others. We had a great evening chatting away with a couple from down River. It was great! Nothing happened and I wondered why God had sent us. Then he said “I did it for YOU! You weren’t there to minister to others. I sent you there so someone else could minister to YOU!” (I am the dirt in the story! )