Seek Connection with Jesus

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Waiting to Take Action
So many times, when things seem wrong or difficult, we put off addressing the issue. We tell ourselves that everything is fine when, in fact, everything isn't fine. We convince ourselves that we’ll fix it later or get some help down the road, but the longer we wait, the worse things get. Eventually, we come to a place where we realize that we need some help though. But if we had asked for help earlier, it would've made a big difference.  In John 15:5, Jesus is talking to his disciples in what is called the final discourse because this is really the last sermon that he would preach to his closest followers. It was more of a conversation that he had with them as they walked along the side of the road. Jesus said to them, as they walked on these streets outside of Jerusalem heading towards the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus said, “I'm the vine and you're the branches. If anyone remains in me and I in him, he'll bear much fruit, but apart from me, he can't do anything.” Jesus is reminding them that it's all about connection.  If you look at the beginning of this conversation, it actually starts in John chapter 14. In John chapter 14:1, Jesus says to his followers, “Don't let your hearts be troubled.” That's how the final discourse begins, and then it ends in John 16:33 with, “In this world, you will have trouble.” We see that the final discourse begins and ends with this promise of trouble and with the recognition that trouble is real. Jesus could have used a Greek word that we would translate more as annoyance or frustration, but that's not the word that he uses here. The word he uses here is a personal word that connects to the highest levels of pain and anxiety. Jesus understood this type of pain, but wanted to remind his followers that this type of trouble would certainly come in their lives and how connection helps us get through it.  Reflection/Discussion Question: When in your life have you put off addressing a problem in your life that ended up causing more trouble in the end?