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How to be More Like Jesus: Learn to See & Love the One.

Be inspired by daily devotional content, take challenges to help you serve others, and read encouraging stories of others making a difference one person at a time.

Why Use the 1X App?

“It celebrates the impact one small act of kindness can have.”

Kyle Idleman
Senior Pastor, Southeast Christian Church

How the app impacts you


Receive daily devotional content containing Scripture and reflection questions to grow in your faith and push you to see people as Jesus does


Weekly challenges that will encourage you to go out of your normal rountine to see and care for the person that God has put in your path


Read stories submitted by people like you who are making an eternal impact by loving people one at a time in their families and communities


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What the 1X app users are saying


Christianity in real-time!

"In a church as large and diverse as Southeast Christian it can be difficult to have a sense of community closeness. This app was a tool that helped us - we shared experiences with one another, heard each others hearts, we challenged and inspired one another. "One at a Time" was a sermons series, a book, and an app that is mobilizing the family of God to follow Jesus' example."

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