Hello, I am Niko and I’m a Physical Therapy Student at Bellarmine. These first 2 years in school have been very good at times, but most of the time have been very challenging. There were many times where I was afraid and battling depression and anxiety about school. I was so afraid of the future that I began to change as a person. There were times where I fell short and didn’t treat others very well and definitely did not treat myself with the kindness, love, and the grace that I deserve. Where things went wrong was when I started to seek earthly pleasures to mask and ease my problems rather than talking to God. If you are reading this and you are struggling with temptations and depression and a lack of self worth, please remember this. Please remember that in the midst of the storm, when you’re confused and afraid and don’t know what’s coming next, I ask that you remember that Jesus is still in the boat. And He’s not only in the boat but he’s so calm and comfortable and is so sure of His plans for you that He appears to be even sleeping in the boat. I still fall short a lot, but what’s changing me is my desire to open the Bible and read a passage from scripture every morning when I wake up, every afternoon before I eat my lunch, and every night before I lay my head down to sleep. There are no medications, counselors, or earthly things that will compare to the comfort, love, courage, and grace that comes with intentionally following Jesus every day. Thank you.


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  • Jane Whobrey

    Jane Whobrey

    Love this.
  • Kathleen Exline

    Kathleen Exline

    You are so encouraging in your outlook. Wonderful testimony